It is my job to create the ceremony you want. Yes there are some things that I am legally required to include, however these are minimal and I will clearly point out these areas as we go through the drafting process. You may wish to involve others in your ceremony, include elements of your religion or culture, or you may even want a theme for your big day! All of this can be achieved.

Your wedding ceremony is the most memorable part of your wedding day, so it is important to ensure an appropriate amount of time and effort is invested in this component.  

My fee to conduct a wedding includes the following:-

  • Initial Consultation
  • A planning meeting to sign paperwork and discuss your ceremony
  • Preparation of legal paperwork
  • Writing the ceremony and email contact prior to the day
  • Travel time (Melbourne metropolitan area only)
  • Set up of a personal address system
  • Performance of the ceremony
  • Finalisation of paperwork

My fee to conduct a wedding is $830. For weddings held outside of the Melbourne metropolitan area, price is on application.

For rehearsal ceremonies held at the wedding location there is a charge of $100 per hour.

A non refundable $350 deposit is required at the time of booking to hold your date in my calendar. Final payment is required 21 days prior to the ceremony.

Most consultations and planning meetings are held at my home in Melbourne.


Commitment and Naming Ceremonies

Just as I would with a wedding ceremony, all commitment ceremonies and naming ceremonies are individually created to be unique and personal. With the exception of the completion of the legal paperwork the Commitment and Naming Ceremonies require a similar amount of consideration.

My fee to conduct a commitment or naming ceremony is $600.

If you have any questions about my fee structure or a particular aspect of your ceremony that you do not see included here, please give me a call to discuss further.